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From The Outside, Looking In.

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From The Outside, Looking In.

This is our second and way over-due blog post for our company, Emergency Safety Supply LLC (ESS), so please accept my apology. I originally intended to have this post finished almost a month ago, however my Mom’s health took a turn for the worse and between my work load and visiting her in the hospital, I just haven’t had time. This was just another one of her frequent visit to the ER, or so we thought. 

A little background on us:

When we first started ESS, I noticed something within the pre-hospital medical supply industry. The focus of the majority of our competitor’s blogs, were medical products. It makes sense, they sell medical supplies and so they feature the products they want to sell on their blog. It is also used to help gain ranking with search engines. The easier you are to find; the more stuff you can sell.

I have to admit, it seemed to be a huge gap and disconnect between our core customers, the First Responders and our competitors. So for this reason we decided to dedicate our blog to real issues within the community, not to use it as another way to shove medical supplies at our customers.

However, with the recent events with my mother, I haven’t been able to really spend any time working on the blog.

At 64 years old, my mom’s medical history is not the best; Type-A Diabetes, renal failure (dialyzed three times a week), congestive heart failure, some recent liver failure, along with two strokes in the summer of 2013 that left some minor but noticeable shaking on her left hand. Her left knee was crushed in an auto accident a year prior, so she now uses a walker. So when you mix all those together you have a formula for frequent unscheduled visits to the local hospital.

I recently spent six months taking care of her, I slept on her couch in a small one-bedroom apartment, it almost made me feel like a teenager again. Except this time, it was I caring for my mother and not the other way around. My mom raised four kids on her own, my father passed away when we were small children and the miracles she performed, always amazed me. So coming down for my mom was a no brainer. But after 6 months of living with her, I felt confident enough in her ability to live on her own and moved out.

A little over a month later and she is not only back in the hospital, but complications arose, and we found out she has less than a year to live. Her heart is only operating at 15% now, once her blood pressure drops below a certain point, they will no longer be able to dialyze her. Her kidney Dr. says she won’t live more than a week after her dialysis stops. As you can imagine, it crushed me, my brother, both of my sisters and her six grandchildren. She has been an amazing woman and knowing she will be gone soon, is difficult.

Mom with grandchildren at the hospital recently.

However, I have never been one to focus on the negative, I have my mom for another year. I know she wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for the miracles of modern medicine. I am moving her in with me to keep a close eye on her, and I am going to enjoy the last days we have with her.

The reason I bring this up is because of you guys, if it wasn’t for the EMS services who got her there, the nurses who stood over her, and the Doctors who treated her, she wouldn’t be with us anymore. I know this sounds cheesy, but from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank anyone and everyone who’s dedicated their lives to saving the lives of others.

We intended to dedicate this blog to our customers, we want to feature issues you care about, talk about the things that matter the most in your lives. However, this week, the thing that matters most in my life is still here, and it’s all because of you. 

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